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Touristic Tour

Touristic tours

Holy Shroud: Exposition 2015

A visit to the exposition of the Holy Shroud will be organise for a limited number of MeMeA attendees in the following dates, on a first arrived, first served policy; the visit is free of charge:

  • 20 persons on Friday, May 8th at 11.00 a.m.
  • 60 persons on Saturday, May 9th at 4.00 p.m.

People interested to participate to the Holy Shroud visit are kindly requested to contact [email protected] stating the preferred date.

The Merenda Reale

A visit to a historical cafè in the downtown of Torino will be organized on Saturday, May 9th in the afternoon after the symposium end.

The visit will be associated to a dip in the old fashioned ritual of chocolate following the customs of 18th century Courts. The Bicerin and the hot chocolate, whose cocoa beans were brought from America to Piemonte by the Savoy family, will play a leading role. Moreover, the Merenda Reale celebrates the noble art of pastry making in Torino with its "bagnati" (i.e. biscuits for dunking) and some chocolate specialties.

People interested to participate to the Merenda Reale are kindly requested to contact [email protected].

Other touristic information about Torino and about the events scheduled in the same period of MeMeA are available on the following newsletter.